About Us

Brought together in the summer of 2020 via an online drawing session, professional photographer Will Toft and professional model and dancer Leigh Kidwell discovered a common mission to improve the visual quality of online life modeling. They joined forces and are the creative team behind Atelier Virtuel.

We want you to feel right in the studio from the comfort of your own space, which is the purview of Will Toft, our resident photographer and videographer. A full-time professional since 2017, Will shares decades of visual acumen with the Atelier, offering you an experience like no other online drawing session in the world by using photographic resources and techniques to make our guests feel as though they are right on set.

At the Atelier we are also very proud to feature lifelong dancer and professional fine art model, Leigh Kidwell, formerly trained in classical ballet and now loving life celebrating the spirit of swing dance throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Like poetry in motion, Leigh strikes intensely energetic poses celebrating movement and emotion in time and space. Juxtaposed, she dances between the natural and refined, composing stories that delight and inspire artists from all over the world!

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