Soft Open, 14 April 2021

Leigh during a long pose from our soft open and in rehearsal for gestures

Event Details

To prove our concept of a premium online experience and work out any kinks in our process, we held a session for an exclusive invited guest list of artists across the world. Gestures and long poses, nude, draped and costumed, produced some incredible work and showed we were on the right track.

Since this event we have upgraded the 2nd camera to full HD and perfected our lighting and scene-building to provide maximum inspiration for our artists.

We will be returning online Tuesday, 25 May at 12 noon-3PM PDT. Tickets are on sale now!

Reference Photos

Reference photos from the session are available for purchase, $10 for an 8×12 archival print or $100 for digital download for reference use only.

Work from our Artist Friends

Beautiful watercolor of one of Leigh’s long poses by Anna Bates
Sweet portrait captured by Sharon Ross