Session One, Grand Opening

Leigh working in a long pose, as seen from the black & white camera during our inaugural session

Event Details

We officially opened our doors and welcomed artists to our Grand Opening event, with one color and one black & white view. Artists were treated to a set of breathtaking gestures from Leigh, followed by six 20-minute poses – nude, draped and costumed – in a variety of settings.

Reference Photos

Reference photos for each long pose and angle are available for purchase, $30 for a set of high resolution digital downloads for reference use only.

Work from our Artist Friends from this Session

Beautiful interpretation of Leigh’s gestures by Luann Bennett
Anna Bates captures Leigh’s musculature and line during an abstract long pose
Gestures captured by Anna Bates
Painter Deborah Cushman working with the light and shadow during a 20-minute pose
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