Session Four, The Ballerina: Studio to Stage

For our fourth session we celebrated the grace and beauty of ballet! On Wednesday July 14, Leigh and Will raised the curtain on our ballerina’s day in the life, showcasing Leigh’s dance training and form and Will’s admiration for the art.

Both camera views of all 59 poses, 118 reference photos for $30

59 Dynamic Poses in Three Hours

Gestures, gestures, gestures! Leigh showed all of us how much she likes to move, presenting non-stop poses from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, finishing with a set of 3 10s and a single 20 minute pose to take her bow and drink in the admiring applause.

First-time Atelier attendee Lana Fly created these AMAZING color sketches
Our friend and frequent guest Chris Johnson has blown us away with his quick gesture work, not something we usually see from him!
@Dubthree3 took advantage of the reference photos and created this lovely piece of the long final pose.

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Reference photos for all poses from both cameras are now available!

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