Visual Inspiration for Artists Worldwide

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Live Online Sessions

Atelier Virtuel is committed to bringing artists around the world only the highest visual quality experience for their inspiration. Live sessions via Zoom are presented with a strong conceptual theme, professional lighting, high resolution cameras, multiple camera angles and the incomparable work of dancer and figure model Leigh Kidwell.

Reference Photo Packs

Whether captured as high-resolution stills from our live events or specially curated and professionally photographed by Will Toft, our reference photo sets bring the highest quality and detail possible for artists to work from to recreate the scene or incorporate the Atelier’s creative posing and lighting in their own work.

Next Live Session: November 21, 11am-2pm PST

We are incredibly excited to announce our next session, which will present 2 models, with Bay Area model Prudence Poliva joining Leigh and Will in the Atelier. Mark your calendar, watch this space and join our mailing list for details on this very special event!

Reference Photos from our Transformation session are now available!

Birds: Endlessly fascinating and mysterious. On October 21, we explored the idea of transforming from human to avian form live before your eyes.

A set of Leigh’s beautifully dramatic gestures, followed by two 20-minute and two 40-minute poses provided plenty of variety for our artists. Fall into the forest as we take her from day to night under Will’s crafted lighting and scenic composition. Special guest makeup artist Roxanne Graves joins us to help complete the transformation.

We have included four bonus low-resolution stills of Leigh’s gestures from the live stream and portrait details of the two 20-minute poses, for a total of 12 images. If you weren’t able to join us (or even if you were!), explore your own approach to transformation and create with us!

More Ballet En Pointe Reference Photos Released!

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of our next set of en pointe reference photos, featuring SF Ballet trained Leigh Kidwell and professional photographer Will Toft capturing poses in the studio too dynamic for extended posing. High resolution, editorial quality and clarity for your artistic inspiration. 10 inspired photos for $20, click through for a preview and to purchase these amazing images. We can’t wait to see what you create with them!

Newest Photo Set: Ballet En Pointe

Leigh and Will have been busy in our studio making new reference photo sets and are proud to release our first, 10 dynamic ballet poses en pointe for $20. High resolution studio photos capturing moments that only exist for an instant. Artists of all media will appreciate the detail and energy in these fantastic images


John William Waterhouse Inspired Session – Reference Photos

Leigh and Will presented a live performance for the Lighthouse Art Space group in Australia on Sunday, October 13 (Sydney time) with 12 poses inspired by the work of neoclassical painter John William Waterhouse. 13 high-resolution digital images of the 12 poses are now available, $20 for the complete set.

Abstract Nude Reference Photos from Session 6 Now on Sale

Leigh as the 9 Muses Reference Photos

On Monday August 30, Leigh and Will presented a special session for Lighthouse Art Space all the way from Australia. Reference photos (10 images of the 9 muses) are available now as high-resolution digital downloads straight from the professional camera used during the live performance. $20.

Life Figure Drawing Degas Reference Photos

Reference Photos from Life Figure Drawing’s Degas Session on August 29 are available now! $20 for 10 high-resolution digital images straight from the professional camera.

Reference Photos from the Judith & Holofernes session are on sale now! Four poses, two camera views, plus color versions of the two black & white poses, 10 images in full resolution for $20.

Reference Photos from the Ballet session are on sale now! Every gesture and pose from both cameras, 118 views! More information on the event page.

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